About Will Selva

Los Angeles-based sports broadcaster Will Selva grew up playing a range of sports including soccer, basketball, baseball and tennis. Attending high school in San Francisco, he fell in love with football and baseball while playing on his school’s teams. As a true San Francisco 49ers fan, Will Selva watched one of the most famous moments in NFL history; Joe Montana’s pass to Dwight Clark to propel the 49ers to the their first of many Super Bowls. Will Selva has always loved football (especially the 49ers), but his passion for baseball ignited while watching his favorite first baseman, Will Clark, compete for the San Francisco Giants.


Will Selva currently co-hosts on shows on NFLN and Fox Sports 1.

Once a football and baseball player himself, Will Selva has become a well-known sports broadcaster who provides his viewers with the most up-to-date news and coverage of their favorite teams. With 8 years of national network experience, Will Selva has reported on a wide range of sports including football, soccer, baseball, and basketball on renowned networks like CNN, ESPN, NFL Network and Fox Sports 1.

Will Selva began his path to a career in sports broadcasting while in college at Arizona State where he originally began pursuing his undergraduate degree. Will had grown up wanting to be in front of the camera, but when he started college he instead pursued Architecture because of his interest in drawing. Upon taking a student newscast class and witnessing Walter Cronkite read the Teleprompter without proofreading any scripts, he was hooked on the idea of following in Cronkite’s footsteps to become a broadcast journalist.

After college, while working at KXTV, Will Selva reported on both high school teams and professional teams. This list of teams included the Sacramento Kings, San Francisco 49ers, Oakland Raiders, San Francisco Giants and San Jose Sharks. For Will, the first sports related story he covered professionally was one he was familiar with from a personal standpoint. At KRON/BayTV, he returned to his San Francisco high school to report on the oldest rivalry west of the Mississippi: St. Ignatius against Sacred Heart Cathedral. Will interviewed one of his former coaches and was able to cheer on his high school team, remembering where his passion for football began.

At CNN, Will co-hosted with Robin Meade on “Morning Express,” a morning show on HLN that covered everything from news, entertainment, sports, and weather for half an hour. Will joined the show in 2005, and instantly was praised for his sincerity and ability to relate to his viewers. Stephen King commended Will for his honesty and his wit by comparing him to a fresh-faced baseball player who had not yet fallen into consuming steroids.

While working at CNN, Will traveled to Churchhill Downs to cover Barbaro’s monumental victory over the other race horses by 6 and a half lengths in the Kentucky Derby. By far, this was one of Will Selva’s favorite stories to report on. Besides the Kentucky Derby, Will covered both Super Bowl 40 and 41. Super Bowl 41 revealed Peyton Manning’s immeasurable talent and will go down in history as Manning first and only Super Bowl to date.

After Will Selva joined ESPN, the network chose Will to travel to Stanford, California, his native Bay Area to cover Andrew Luck’s Pro Day.  In 2012, it was assumed that Luck would be the number 1 draft pick and go to the Indianapolis Colts. Selva reported on Luck’s impressive performance and ease as he completed pass after pass almost flawlessly to his teammates, ending with an incredible 70-yard toss that a receiver mishandled. It was an unforgettable day for Luck that would only foretell his current NFL career with the Colts, and Will Selva was able to cover Luck’s day for his fans across the country.

On Fox Sports 1, Selva substitute hosts on all the soccer coverage including the UEFA Champions League, FA Cup and UEFA Europa League. He filled-in on Fox Soccer Daily, a live show that featured analysis of games and key players as well as provided coverage of the major soccer leagues particularly in North America and Europe.

Since Will is bilingual, he also hosts a show in both Spanish and English called Big West Now on Fox Sports West.  Will is incredibly proud of his Nicaraguan heritage and enjoys providing sports stories for his Spanish speaking audience. Sometimes, he finds juggling two languages challenging.

Currently, Will also can be found anchoring breaking news for NFL Network, which includes the latest developments around the league and contributing to the NFL Draft Scouting Combine coverage as well as hosting segments of Total Access: Weekend in Review.

About Fox Sports 1

Owned by Fox Sports Media, Fox Sports 1 is part of Fox Entertainment Group. Fox Sports 1 includes coverage of Major League Baseball, Pac-12, the Big Conference 12, Big East Conference basketball, soccer games, mixed martial arts competitions (UFC) and NASCAR events.

Specifically the event programming for Fox Sports 1 includes:

High school and College Football
Major League Baseball Games
International Soccer Games
Boxing Events
Mixed Martial Arts Competitions
Horse Racing

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